How can EXPRESS straighten my teeth in 2 to 4 months?

The secret is in the custom wires used by EXPRESS and the fact that we are only aiming for a cosmetic outcome, we are not trying to alter your bite or jaw function. EXPRESS might not be suitable for everybody, so contact your local Certified Rapid Smiles provider to get an individual assessment.

How long will my EXPRESS treatment take?

Your Certified Rapid Smiles provider will be able to advise your expected treatment time, however most Rapid Smiles cases are completed in 2 to 4 months once the braces have been fitted.

With a treatment time of only 2 to 4 months don’t you have to put more painful pressure on my teeth and gums to get the treatment done so fast?

No, whilst the treatment is based around standard orthodontic mechanics, the fact that we are simply aiming for a cosmetic outcome and no bite change, the forces used are far gentler.

How do I make an appointment?

Simply call 1300 3 RAPID or complete the “Find a Provider”form on this site. The Rapid Smiles Customer Service Team will make an appointment for you or put you in contact with your nearest and most appropriate provider.

After impressions are taken of my teeth how long before my braces will be ready to be fitted?

2 to 3 weeks.

Will I have a metal mouth smile during treatment?

Only if you choose to. Rapid Smiles offers you a range bracket options that can provide the ultimate in discretion if required.

How much does EXPRESS cost?

There are a number of influencing factors and most of these will be determined after discussion between you and your provider. Some influencing factors are whether you need both upper and lower teeth straightened and what type of braces you choose. Ultimately Rapid Smiles can be less than ½ of the cost of traditional orthodontics.

Are there any additional treatments that may be suggested or recommended once my EXPRESS treatment is completed?

This is something that will need to be discussed with your Certified Rapid Smiles provider. Once your teeth are straightened with Rapid Smiles you may like to discuss whitening or the possibility of other cosmetic improvements.

Will I have to wear any type of retention after treatment?

Yes, your Certified Rapid Smiles provider will explain the retention process. All orthodontic treatments require some form of post treatment retention. You will find the retention methods used as part of the Rapid Smiles technique both simple and effective.

What’s the difference between EXPRESS and other more comprehensive forms of Orthodontics?

Rapid Smiles uses a specifically designed system of brackets and custom wires (braces) and the treatment aspirations are purely cosmetic. Your Certified Rapid Smiles provider will be able to provide a more detailed explanation at your initial assessment.