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These terms and conditions govern all interactions between end users of this website and Rapid Smiles.




The express and only intended purpose of this website is to provide users with basic information about the range of Rapid Smiles products and services and when required and requested put potential patients in contact with their appropriate Rapid Smiles provider.




Rapid Smiles and this website is wholly, solely and only a source of basic information about the services offered through our provider network and an introduction service to clinical participants of that provider network. Rapid Smiles accepts no responsibility or liability for the standard and quality of any treatment or service that may be provided to any individual via an introduction arranged or organised via this website.


Treatment and Services


Rapid Smiles cannot and will not offer any diagnostic service or treatment recommendations and we will not and cannot make any suggestion or promise with regard to the potential cost of any treatment or service. All treatment solutions, times and charges are the sole responsibility of the individual provider. Agreement and understanding of these issues should be discussed and clearly understood with your provider prior to the commencement of any treatment.